Perhaps the biggest advantage of Olgatuni (next to the wildlife aspect) is the fact the you stay in the Maasai Mara with the Maasais themselves! In our efforts to bring you the utmost authentic experience, Olgatuni is managed and run entirely by the local Maasais, who have been born and brought up in the Mara land and know the place better than anyone else.
Staying with the Maasais comes with a plethora of added benefits, including fresh perspectives on wildlife and nature conservation, enthralling story-telling sessions and cultural performances, ethnic handicrafts for souvenirs and gifts and the huge advantage of local knowledge and insider tricks!
We believe in giving back to the community, and therefore we source everything locally – from hiring guides and drivers, hosts and chefs to buying raw materials, infrastructure, etc. In doing so, we generate employment for the local community and ensure a contribution to the thriving economy.

We have also adopted a Masai School and fund the education of the Masai children in the school. We believe the locals must become a stakeholder in our growth and the children must benefit from the tourism activities in this region. To know more about our kid’s education initiative, or participate in the same, write to us at

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