Covid-19 safety measures at Olgatuni


1st June 2020


We trust you are doing well and wish good health to you and your near and dear ones. This unfortunate intrusion of Covid-19 has created unprecedented upheavals around the world and particularly in the travel industry. As things start getting back on track, we at Olgatuni Camp are back to serve you. Our first priority as of now is the safety of our guests and ensuring that all health and safety measures are in place. We are happy to share the following safety guidelines we will be following at Olgatuni once the Kenya Govt. allows tourism into Masai Mara, which is expected to happen very shortly. Already the Kenya transport department has announced international flights resumption from 8th of June, 2020.

Covid-19 safety measures at Olgatuni

We have inducted thermal temperature checking devices in order to keep check every day. On arrival the guests will be subjected to thermal temperature checks and their luggage will be sanitized using disinfectants. There will be abundant sanitisers all around the property, which the guests will be encouraged to use.

In order to prevent exposure to coronavirus, our staff will be in gloves and masks throughout their duty hours in the property. We hope the guests will also carry masks and gloves during their travel. We will have spare masks and gloves at our disposal to help those guests who do not carry them.

We will keep bare minimum but sufficient toiletries and accessories in the tents since they will have to be disposed post departure. If you need any additional accessories please feel free to ask our staff.

Bed accessories will be subject to daily wash using disinfectants. As a safety concern we will frequently disinfect the rooms and points of contact. Post departure the tents will be deep cleaned and everything will be disinfected. We will also be sanitizing telecoms, switches and all room accessories post every checkout.

Meals would be served to groups travelling together on separate tables placed at a distance. Table linens and chair covers would be sanitized post meals. No buffet meals will be served.

As a norm all groceries and edibles will be used after a period of twenty four hours from the time of purchase. Guests will be served mineral water or filtered water the latter on request.

Strict hygiene is followed in our kitchen and dining and we will be screening all our staff on a regular basis. Utensils as a matter of practice are cleaned using chemicals with disinfectant properties. The staff clothing and table ware will be subject to intense sanitization before putting them into service.

We wish to handle all payments online or using our credit-card machine. We will minimize the use of paper money and encourage you to cooperate..

Sanitization of property as a whole will be conducted routinely as a matter of hygiene.

For safaris conducted by Olgatuni Camp vehicles as part of the game package, we will allow a maximum of 4 guests per land-cruiser to maintain distancing within the vehicle.

What helps us is that our property area is huge (25 acres) and the tents are widely spaced from each other. The guests will not come in contact with each other, unless they want to, and we will have more and enough space to follow social distancing protocols very strictly.

Our entire team remains strongly committed to providing all necessary safety measures so that our guests can just worry about their wildlife sightings and not about Covid-19!

Just to add, Narok County in Kenya (where Masai Mara is located) has not recorded a single Covid-19 case yet, as on 1st June 2020.