The Camp

The tents at Olgatuni are an epitome of rusticity, drenched in the aroma of an authentic Mara experience. Living within the wilderness of the savannahs is an unforgettable experience, and Olgatuni ensures that you get as close to nature as it can get!

The tents are facilitated with plush beds in different sizes, fresh towels and slippers, shower cubicles with earthen designs and fittings, and availability of hot water as requested. Each tent has a zip enclosure which operates from inside as well as outside the tent.

After a full day of safaris and exploration, when you go to rest for the night, you will sleep to the music of Nature – of lions roaring and hyenas laughing, a reminiscence in the might of wildlife.

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Olgatuni sits in the middle of the savannahs and at a stone’s throw distance from the territories of two big lion prides, one leopard, a pool of hippopotami and elephants. You will be staying within the richest patch of wildlife in Maasai Mara. Olgatuni comes with a resident leopard – the infamous Bahati, who stays on a tree right across the camp!

We have 10 twin sharing tents and 4 family tents available. The twin sharing tents come with one large queen bed and one single bed and can accommodate up to 3 people. The family tents come with three beds and are good for 3 to 4 people.

Following are the amenities in all the tents


Butler service
The double canopied roof is weatherproof and heat resistant
Twin bed option available
Outside dining can be arranged on the private courtyard
Turndown service
Running hot and cold water
24 hours electricity

Shower cubicle
Hot water
Toiletries Kit

Olgatuni is patronised by tourists from around the world, and keeping that in mind, our chefs stay on their toes to ensure the finest cuisine varieties for your stay! The experience of dining amongst the vast span of Mara overlooking the wandering wildlife in the savannahs is immemorable, and we strive to bring you the most delectable meals catering to your personal interests and preferences. The cuisine is predominantly international with continental dishes like Steaks, Pastas, Grilled and Barbeque Meats forming a good part of the dishes. For the vegetarians, we have a separate kitchen and use separate utensils to maintain sanity, and our chefs dish up choicest Indian and International vegetarian dishes.

Dining can be arranged to be out in the open so that you can enjoy the fresh breath of air and the gentle sunlit surroundings while you enjoy your meal. There are Maasai guards at all times to ensure your safety and a secure environment, where you can rejuvenate in peace.

We also organize regular Bush breakfasts and Bush dinners which are an experience in themselves. The thrill of sitting out in the vast savannahs in the midst of Big Cat territory (not close to Big Cats literally!) is a lifetime experience for many, and one to be cherished for the lifetime.

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The nearest international air hub to Masai Mara is Nairobi. Nairobi has direct flights from major international cities like Dubai, London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Johannesburg, Mumbai etc and convenient one stop flights to most cities globally like San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Rio, Chicago, New Delhi, etc.

From Nairobi, Masai Mara is a 6-7 hours drive depending on the location within Masai Mara. Our camp takes approximately 6.5 to 7 hours from Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi. One can also fly from Nairobi’s Wilson airport to Masai Mara, our nearest airstrip is Olkiambo airstrip which is just a 10-minute drive from the camp. There are daily flights operated by Air Kenya, Safarilink, Silverstone etc from Nairobi to Masai Mara in small propeller aircraft. We can arrange for your road as well as air transfers from Nairobi with airstrip pickup.

Regular single-entry tourist visas are available on arrival (for most nationalities) and on the prior online application and cost USD 50. These visas can allow a stay up to a maximum of 90 days. Multiple entry visas are also available on request, particularly if your itinerary needs you to travel in and out of Kenya multiple times. There is also East African tourist visa available for USD 100 which allows multiple entries between Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda for a period of 90 days. Please note the visa information is accurate at the time of writing and may change anytime without any prior notice. Granting visas, and deciding term of visas is the prerogative of the Kenyan Govt. and we have no control over that, nor can we be held liable for not having up to date visa information on our website. For more details please read our terms.

Apart from game-drives and external activities, we have a lot of options to keep you engaged as a family within the camp. We have consciously done away with TVs and Video Games so that people can bond and network the old school way – in person – and at the same time be one with nature. We have many board games available which you can enjoy together as a family, and ask our staff to take you on a bird walk around the campus which is an enriching experience in itself. During the evenings, be sure to gather over our bonfires and barbeques as you can interact with other guests as well as our knowledgeable guides who hold regular storytelling sessions where they bring alive the folklore of the savannahs. During some of the evenings, we have traditional Masai cultural dances, and you are more than welcome to join and shake a leg or two with our Masai warriors.

We are kids friendly with many kids board games and toys available for children. If you wish to leave your child back during the safaris, we will ensure that they have a better time than you have! Our staff will be happy to babysit them and engage them with the stories of Masai Mara and the animals.

For elderly people and disabled, we have wheelchairs available and the staff will be more than happy to move them around the camp in the wheelchairs. In one tent we have a special toilet suitable for the disabled.

At the camp, we treat you like guests in our home. If you are not feeling well enough to go for lunch or dinner at the restaurant, our staff will be happy to get your food to your room. You may ask for hot water bags, hot water, hot beverages and any books from the reception to your room any time, and our staff shall bring those to you with a smiling face, every single time.

We also ask your meal preferences in advance and try to customise to your meal preferences as much as possible, while adhering strictly to the veg/non-veg etc preferences. If you have any allergies, do let us know in advance, we shall try our best to accommodate those.

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5-day flying package of Masai Mara

Day 1
Arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi by 9 am in the morning. Post immigration at Jomo Kenyatta airport, transfer to Wilson Airport by Road. Take the flight to Masai Mara at 11.30am. Reach Olkiambo airstrip at Masai Mara by 12.30pm. Our staff will welcome you at the airstrip and drive you to the camp (10-minute drive).
After a traditional Masai welcome, settle down at your tent and freshen up. Be served hot lunch in the bushes with freshly cooked local delicacies. Take a quick nap or two, and by 4 pm start for a late afternoon game drive, your first in the Mara. Today may be also your first tryst with Big Cats, and if lucky, you may catch a Lion pride in action. Post Sunset return to the camp and settle down with an early dinner today. You are all set for a long and refreshing sleep post your international travel, as the next 3 days will be an immersive experience in the savannahs.
Meals included – Lunch, Dinner

Days 2 to 4
Enjoy three full days at arguably the most famous wildlife park on the planet, the home to legendary documentaries like the BBC Big cat diaries. Your safari guide comes driver will be amongst the best in the park and would have years of game driving experience with him. He will bring alive stories of different Lion pride, Leopard and Cheetah families, and their tales of survival at Masai Mara just as you see them. Every day you can come back for lunch and spend a good 2-6 hours during the day relaxing at the camp. The evenings will be filled with bonfires, discussions and often cultural performances by the Masais.
One of these days you can optionally visit a Masai Village or take a hot air balloon ride to see the savannahs up from the skies. There will be bush breakfasts and bush dinners arranged on different days.

Meals included – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5
Today would be your last day at this magical land. Go for a short early morning drive to savor the last jewels from the savannahs. Come back for a hearty breakfast at the camp. As you leave for the airstrip by 10.30am, you are given a classical Masai send off and requested to visit us again in the future. Reach the airstrip by 11 am for your flight to Nairobi. At Nairobi, we transfer you from Wilson airport to the Jomo Kenyatta international airport.
Meals included – Breakfast

Note –

  1. This plan can be customized by increasing or reducing the number of days at Masai Mara and choosing road transfers to Nairobi instead of flights. However, we recommend a minimum of 5 days to get an all-immersive experience of this magical land.
  2. You can also club Masai Mara with other parks in Kenya like Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu, Lake Naivasha, Aberdare, etc. You could also do nearby countries like Tanzania for Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara etc or Uganda/Rwanda for Gorilla and Chimpanzee treks. While we only operate safaris and accommodation in Masai Mara, we can connect you with our travel partners in your country to help you plan such trips.
The weather is pleasant all through the year, with a maximum reaching about 27-28 Degrees, and a minimum going till 12 Degrees. We do not require Air Conditioners at Masai Mara, not even fans. It can rain occasionally though, but that is nothing to worry about as safari vehicles are covered and wildlife sightings remain the same in rains.

Do carry light woollens or wind jackets for the morning game drives or balloon safaris as those can have wind chill. Also do carry dust masks or ask our staff for the same, as game drives can be dusty sometimes. For most parts, tropical clothing should work fine. During the game drives you may carry a hat/cap and sunglasses.

While we are infant and disabled friendly, we expect you to be reasonably fit to undertake flight/road journeys till Masai Mara and take part in activities like game drives. Any kind of walking or hiking is not required, but you should be fit enough to bear the stress of flight travel and game drives, which are sedentary activities to say the least. In case you have any special health conditions, please consult our team before the travel.

Please carry your own prescription medicines as we are located in middle of a wilderness area, and the nearest village Talek being 45 minutes away. Even at Talek we can get only the most basic medicines. The camp has a first-aid kit though. We strongly recommend getting a travel insurance before your travel to cover unforeseen medical expenses, and also a flying doctors emergency evacuation insurance, which airlifts you to Nairobi in an air ambulance in case of any emergency.

Please ensure that you consult your personal physician about anti malaria precautions and other inoculations and vaccinations before travel. Where applicable, please ensure that whilst travelling you carry a valid Yellow Fever certificate and get the yellow fever vaccination before your travel. Some countries like India also ask for Oral Polio vaccination upon your return. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions about regulatory guidelines. In case you are allergic to any food, please let us know in advance, we will try to accommodate as much as possible.

Please note that tap water in Kenya is not potable and do not attempt to drink tap water anywhere in Kenya or at the camp. You will be provided RO (Reverse Osmosis treated) water or packaged drinking water by the camp staff, please drink only those.

Is it suitable for Children?
For children, Masai Mara is straight out of the Animal Planet documentaries they would watch, and often makes the kids go out of their senses when meeting their favorite animals! Also, in the camp, there are many board games and children’s toys to keep them engaged and our staff offer babysitting on demand.

How is the weather?
The weather is pleasant all through the year, with a maximum reaching 27 Degrees, and a minimum going till 12 Degrees. We do not require Air Conditioners at Masai Mara, not even fans. It can rain occasionally though, but that is nothing to worry about as safari vehicles are covered and wildlife sightings remain the same in rains.

Is it safe to go there?
While you are in your safari vehicle with your guide, it is absolutely safe from animals as long as you do not get down without guide instructions. While at the camp, please move around with our Masai guards during the night. Coming to the other animals, Masai Mara and our camp is completely safe from any human crimes.

What are the activities?
Game drives are the primary attraction at Masai Mara, other ways to enjoy the park are through balloon rides, bush walks, sundowners in the park, bush dinners, and breakfasts. You can also have a good time at the camp with bird watching, board games, live cooking, live barbeques, local folklore in the evenings amongst others.

Are you children and disabled friendly?
Yes absolutely! We have special beds and prams available for infants available on demand. For the disabled, we have wheel-chairs available and disabled-friendly toilets in one of the tents. Also, our staff will be happy to provide room service of food and any other amenities like hot water bags, hot towels as needed to your tents.

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